Monday, November 1, 2010

Outfitting Staff In The Off Season

Hi folks...

A good Monday morning to you. November 1st...can you believe it? It seems just like yesterday that we were getting geared up for a new paddling season. Now we are in full blown "fall mode".

Some of the small creeks, rivers, and shallow bays have some skim ice in the morning but by noon it is gone. It won't be long, however, until that skim stays on all day and starts to get thicker and thicker. Today should be a nice the 50's and sunny. Umm...maybe I should skip work and go paddle somewhere. I could always say I wanted to go scout out a new route, that is work related right?

Often folks ask if Drew and I live year round in Ely. The answer is a resounding YES. We are among the fortunate ones. It definitely gets quite and the pace is slower, but after our busy summers that is ok.

We do manage to find plenty to do during the off season. We do some writing for marketing purposes. Actually, we also do a lot of phone and email work with folks who are already planning next years trip. We can start submitting permit applications for BW trips starting December 1st and Quetico permits as well. We start working on ordering gear and canoes for the next season as well.

We also manage to get in a few extra zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's after a busy season.

A quick look at the rest of our staff.

Wade is back at the Vermilion Community College teaching. Brad is back in Hackensack, MN doing whatever one does in Hackensack during the winter. Adam is back in La Crosse, WI finishing up his Master's program, Vidmar lives in Chisholm, MN and does a variety of things to stay out of trouble, most of the time. Max is out in Colorado being a "ski-bum". Christina is working for Wintergreen Dogsledding for the winter. I will try and do a "Up close and Personal" blog on each of this winter and let you know how they are faring and tell you a little bit more about their lives.

Oh...before I forget. Just a reminder that tomorrow is Election Day, so make sure you get out to vote for the candidate of your choice. We need to exercise our right to vote to make sure we are a part of what is going on. I am sure that all of us can find something or someone to criticize with regard to politics, but we have no right to do so if we don't vote. Good luck.

Well, I really do have work to do, so I will sign off for now. Talk to you soon.


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