Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to correctly enter and exit from Kevlar Canoes in the Boundary Waters

Like the man says, We Have the best gear and canoes available. Take care of our gear and it will take care of you! We guarantee it!  In our ongoing education series of videos for canoeing and camping we got Steve Piragis and Aaron Chick out on the water.  Check out the pristine new kelvar canoes... We start every summer with brand new equipment.  New Canoes, new kevlar super-light paddles, new lifevests, new tents, new cooking equipment and tarps.  Only the best for YOU!

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Kevin said...

Great video. Whenever I rent a canoe from piragis, I make sure the gunwales are the only part of the canoe that ever touch anything but air and water. My main concern is how much they can sell it for at the end of the season.