Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ely, MN gets Cities first Solar PV System.

Piragis Northwoods to receive 11.04KW Solar Electric System.
By Michael Harvey

Ely, MN
Able Energy received first Solar PV system in Ely, MN. System is owned by Piragis Northwoods, a canoe and outdoor outfitter on main street in Ely.


 Steve Piragis owner of Piragis Northwoods Co. has taken a step towards energy independence in the city that is the gateway to the boundary waters. A pristine wilderness area known for its simple lifestyle in a landscape almost untouched by civilization.

 Piragis Northwoods Co. will be sporting a 11.04KW solar electric system that was designed and will be installed by Able Energy Corp. which recently acquired the installation company of M8 Electric Solutions, LLC. Able Energy is one of the few true turn key installation companies in the MN and WI area and employs (2) NABCEP certified staff members along with Professional Licensed Electricians.

Able Energy is also installing a display area in the store that will display the usage and production of the store so customers can see real time usage and it's off setting production from the PV system. The system is to help educate residences of Ely and it's visitors of the proactive role Piragis Northwoods along with Able Energy in minimizing there impact on our environment and the future financial benefits of the solar electric system in allowing Piragis Northwoods to lower there overhead and investing in there own power production that should last well over 30 years.