Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow in Ely

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, Ely got its first significant snow last night. The biggest part of the storm went south and east of us, which seems to be a continuing pattern for the past several years. We always get excited when the weather people start talking about a big storm coming our way, but so often it bypasses us on the way to Duluth and beyond. It seems like a long time ago since we have had a genuine winter blizzard where everything just shuts down for a few days. Maybe this winter.

It certainly seems different to look out and see the blanket of white, knowing that it will be with us until sometime next April. The change of seasons! Most of us who live here in Ely love it for just that reason. We had a wonderful and extended fall, but we are ready for winter. The wood is piled up, the garden hose is disconnected and rolled up, the gardens are all harvested, the leaves are all down, and white tail deer hunters are in the woods, and the canoes are put away for another season. So...we will break out the snowshoes, the cross country skis and get ready for exercise winter style.

I told Diane last night that I am sort of happy that we did not get a lot of snow yet. I am not quite ready to get the snowplow and snowblower out just yet.

Here a few photos I took this morning from the roof of our store to show you Ely as it is on Sunday, November 14th.
Have a good day wherever you are

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