Monday, November 8, 2010

Out and about Ely in November

Today on the way to work I noticed a flock of Bohemian Waxwings busily feasting in the top of a Mountain Ash tree.

They eat together and fly off together.  Returning from lunch they were in a taller tree above the Ely Public Library and the flew off over the Post Office, no doubt looking for some more berries or a crab apple tree.  Often I'll see large groups of them de-fruiting a tree later in Winter when snow and ice blankets the trees.

It is a shirt sleeve day here in Ely with the untimely high temperature near 60 degrees.  Yes, that is sixty above zero, thank you.  The birds are out and loving the balmy temperatures and so are the people.  We are making lots of energy here today at Piragis Northwoods Company.  Our solar panels are running the few lights we need on in the store and most of our computers.  We definitely don't need the heat on.

For any of you who traveled up North and visited Ely this Summer, you'll remember that Central Avenue was torn up for all of the season causing detours and such around town.  Today it looks like the project is getting its final touches as they pave the edges and clean up.  New and improved drain tile underneath and nice new black top, new curbs and beautiful sidewalks on top.  No more road blocks and detour signs.  Hope the weather is as nice where you are!

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Nice photos Schonie. Brad