Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Autumn Days bring Warmth to Ely, Minnesota

Monday, Tuesday and this morning have been wonderful days to be outside here in Ely.  Indeed, last weekend, while probably too warm for deer hunter's taste, was fabulous as well.  It feels good to be out in your shirt sleeves or a light jacket, to have the sun feel warm on your back and neck as you walk.  Over Shagawa Lake and Miner's Lake it hangs this morning like an oversized ornament, dripping sparkles and splashing our town with welcome warmth.
It is a great day for a paddle and to troll a line behind for walleyes as it looks to maybe cloud over later.  The outlook for next week seems to be suggesting days that will have highs in the 30s -- sigh! That's 30 degrees below and more from what we've just happily sat in our lawn chairs enjoying the past week.
Outfitting clients keep sending in pictures of fish caught and fun had on trips they took this year and I'm finding it hard to not think about wetting a line.  I think I've missed the window for one last taste of summer on a camping trip.  (Yesterday we rented a Wenonah Champlain for two days -- hard to believe -- but that's what sunshine will do for you!)  I'm beginning to plan my first winter camping trip of the season.  We'll see how fast the snow comes and if the turn around in temperatures really does come quickly.
Ely's changes are special and they make living here interesting and unique.  The fact that they are unpredictable and untimely only make it more interesting.  In a matter of weeks, the blue in the water behind the Shagawa Lake sign below will have turned clear and hard with a blanket of white over the top.  Instead of paddles, we'll be walking, skiing and snowshoeing on it, not to mention driving.  :)
Just another gorgeous day in Ely, Minnesota.  Glad I could share it!

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