Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday dawned all white and fluffy. April 27, 2011

Well, we woke up to it again.  The white stuff.

Our first canoe rental client of the year showed up today from Arizona.  He is usually in town this time of year on other business.  Last year he got to take a great little solo trip in fabulous weather.  This year their was skim ice everywhere on the waters that were open last night.  The water is bitter cold.  It is just fine for camping out, which is what he decided to do.

The canoe stayed here.  Along with its friends on the racks, waiting nicer weather, open water and all of you folks.  Not quite ready for its maiden voyage of 2011.  Although some of the rivers and smaller lakes have had a few paddles wet on their waters already, the bulk of the lakes are still ice-bound as I write.

Mother's day is two weeks away and the following week is fishing opener on May 14th this year.  It is a great time to plan a trip to Ely on early water.  Permit availability is good at this time of year, the fish are hungry and everything looks new and fresh out there in the wilderness.  Wildlife activity is more noticeable before all the trees leaf out to their full potential.  Songbirds are prevalent.  It is a great time to do a trip because then you have all the excuses you need to come up again later on in the summer or even the fall.

For now, this is what it looks like just outside.  As we always say, it makes life interesting here in the Northwoods.  Trips are being planned, permits reserved, boats prepped.  Call us today and get your trips in order, remember if you have a large scout group or church group, we can do all the logistics for you.  Call 1-800-223-6565 today and ask us about our full outfitting options that include all the camping gear, canoes, paddles, lifevests and excellent food you'll need to make your trip a success.

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