Monday, April 25, 2011

When will the Ice Go OUT? Days? Weeks? Hours?

Who knows.  Some of the smaller, shallower lakes around the area are ice free.  Some of the larger ones with rivers flowing through them are open.  Shagawa Lake, here in town, Ely is our measuring stick for official ice out.  Since it is 63 degrees out right now, I went outside to get some pictures of Shagawa Lake and Miner's Lake.  It is always fun to try to pick the day or the hour of the day that the ice goes.
Shagawa Lake, Ely.  Public landing off Pioneer Drive

All it takes as these kind of days come our way to make the ice disappear is some rain or wind or a good combination of both.  You can see that much of the ice is black and "rotted".  Underneath it is riddled with honeycombed type pockets.  While it may be thick in many places, it has long ceased to be safe or predictable when it appears like this.

It looks to me like it'll be around for another week at least, but all that could change in just a matter of hours if we get a few more warm and rainy days.  As we've shared, the waterfowl have come to back to town and more Loons have been showing up daily.  Spring is in the air, even if winter is still holding on to our beloved waters.

Get ready for fishing opener, May 14!  If you're coming up to Ely and need a canoe or plan to use our outfitting services, give Bert or Drew a call!  1-800-223-6565.

Shagawa Lake view from Grand Ely Lodge

Shagawa Lake Ely

Shagawa Lake, Ely, large hole near center of lake.  Remains of ice road?

Shagawa Lake, Ely -- view from Semer's Park

Shagawa Lake Semer's Park view -- rotted ice further out.

Middle of Shagawa Lake, still pretty thick.

Beautiful clouds reflected in the water.  Public Landing view of Shagawa.
Miner's Lake view from the Trezona Trail, Ely, Minnesota

Cool Aquamarine color of Miner's Lake in Ely.  Getting Closer!

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