Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loons are back in Ely

Saturday's snowstorm doesn't seem to have deterred the early spring and summer residents of Ely.  Steve Piragis took a hike over to the Kawishiwi Falls and captured some early arrivals.  The chill is less today than it was yesterday and I don't think we made any more ice last night.

We eagerly await the arrival of the common loons each year.  All seems to be right with the world when you can hear their cries overhead.  Open water finds waterfowl of all kinds, colors and shapes landing in Ely.  Whether they stay the summer or just layover for a spell, it is good to see them all.

First of 7 loons on Fall Lake below the falls waiting for more open water.
Kawishiwi Falls after spring snow on Monday

Old yellow birch on trail.  Old beaver chew.

Winton Hydro Power Station on the Kawishiwi at full capacity this month.

Falls roaring from below.

Common Merganser looking for landing spot.

Three male Common Mergansers on fish hunting mission.

Frozen vernal pool

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