Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Piragis Paddle Boarder Makes Maiden Voyage Despite Solid Precipitation

Oh, you know we had to do it.

These Stand Up Paddle Boards and Paddles just came via truck here to Ely.  One look and it was time to head to the river and open water.  If the loons can do it, so can we.  So, Steve Johnson donned a bright red lifevest (so we could see him through the snowstorm) and hit the water.

Now this isn't exactly a warm weather environment, but these stand up paddle boards are fantastic for fun and exercise.  They are great to use for photographers, yoga enthusiasts, sightseers and people who just love to paddle and exercise but get bored of doing it the same old way.

Fun is a key ingredient to just about everything you're going to enjoy, correct?  At Piragis, we like to have fun and we know our friends do to.  So this year we're going to sell boards and paddles.  If you want to place an advance order, call 1-800-223-6565 and ask for Steve Piragis.  The ink isn't even dry on the paperwork yet, but who cares, we'll get you a paddle and board and you can start having your own fun (hopefully somewhere warmer).

You know that in a couple of days, it'll be back in the high sixties here.  We're too anxious to get out and paddle to let a little ice pack and 4 or 5 inches of snow to stop us.

Until tomorrow, we'll see ya round the bend!

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Jamie Kaiser said...

You make it look easy! I would have worn my long-john swimsuit!