Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is the Boundary Waters all About?

We get asked this question all the time.  Do you have a coffee table book that you'd recommend?  We want to see pictures of this place, you know typical shots, camping, canoeing wildlife, etc.  Well, as for typical, yes, and no.  Many of these are typical, some of them are fantastic.  Did you know how Santa travels in the BWCA for instance?  Watch and see.  Compiled from great shots that Steve Piragis has taken over the years and the best of the best that our outfitting clients and friends have submitted.

Enjoy and tell a friend who's interested in the Boundary Waters.  This is it.  A little over five minutes of your time and you'll be hooked.  Wilderness is calling!

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ssatramswen said...

There was a time when Ely and the BWCA was home away from home... home is where the heart is and never seems to leave anymore. Memories feed our souls until body meets with heart, to once again dance with the rythem of the paddle...