Monday, August 8, 2011

Stuff that works: Cliff Jacobson's Susie Bug Net

Well, thankfully, every once in a while we get examples of unique uses (and everyday uses) of our gear mailed to us in the form of pictures, emails, written letters, prints, etc. We love to hear from you guys, so anytime you've got feedback on our canoes, gear or customer service feel free to pass it on.

Cooke Custom Sewing makes a popular product that we've carried in our catalog for years. Since it is really a big bag of netting, I struggled with a way to picture its versatility and functionality in the catalog. Of course I wanted to get a picture in use outdoors, with lots of bugs swarming, but where to get the volunteers? And what about the poor guy behind the camera... and then how to get the netting to show up in the catalog on the page? That was the real goal.

So we set up this picture in the studio long ago. Boy my kids were little then :)
Susie Bug Net
And hey, this IS ONE use for the net.  Reading in your camp chair.  Provides the relief.  People drape it over the latrine, it is true.  Folks take it out into the lake when the bathe, true too.  The point is it works.  Click Here for the Susie Bug Net in our Catalog.

One customer sent us a short explanation of his use and a picture.  Then we understood something else as well.  It REALLY WORKS WELL.  In some settings it could keep a person sane -- like way up in the Yukon where the bugs were nasty bad!

"I've been looking at that happy family picture of the Bug Net for years.

Attached is a "real" picture of the Suzie Bag Bug Net in use.

The picture was self-timed in the Yukon Flats in 2003.  For my 60th year, I paddled solo in an open canoe from Whitehorse to the Pipeline crossing, about 1100 miles, loafing along and taking 60 days to do it.

I had a bunch of your stuff, including Boat Tape, D-ring kit, Kevlar repair kit, Blue Barrels, Bilge Sponge,  a map case and Mukluk Lights, but the Suzie Bag was the thing that I could not have done without.

The picture is yours.  Enjoy or use it anyway you want.

Tommy T."

Reading in the Susie Bug Net on the Yukon River.  Click for larger view.
Click Here for the Susie Bug Net in our Catalog.

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