Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is your Walleye lure/rig of choice?

What is your favorite bait and fishing rig to use for walleye? I like using a floating spinner rig that is made here locally. The weight sits on the bottom and the float with small spinner keeps your bait up. My favorite is a nightcrawler, even when they're hitting on rainbow minnows or leeches. I think keeping your bait natural even though you might be using a gulp crawler is essential. Gamagatsu Hook #6 or #4 is good size if you make your own.
My favorite is a Winkum Spin-n-Float by JB Lures. We carry it here at Piragis. This is a great rig for fishing off shore from your campsite on drop-offs. Everyone loves walleye for dinner, so lay it on us, live-bait, artificial, lures, what is your favorite producer?

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Brad Putney said...

The old stand by is a Carolina rig with a spinner blade. Take a three foot snell, weighted down by a good size egg sinker and tip it with a minnow or leech.