Monday, March 21, 2011

Late Winter Crappies

My friend Bob and I headed out to one of our local hotspots this weekend to see if we could scare up some Crappies. I can't tell you where we went of course, but can say it was less than 15 miles from Ely and outside the Boundary Waters. After a short walk we arrived at our destanation around 5pm. The recent action has been best in late afternoon until dark.

We were in about 20 feelt of water and fished between 1' and 4 to 5' off the bottom. We were using minnows and meal worms on plain hooks, ice jigs, or rapala jigs. The action wasn't hot and heavy but we managed to pull a dozen or so fish onto the ice including a few small Perch. It was a cloudy afternoon with an occasional light mist and temperatures in the low to mid thirties. With a few fish spread out on the ice we had a Bald Eagle check us out as he flew overhead.

As it got dark and we headed back to the car we heard both Great-horned and Saw-whet Owls singing from the shoreline woods. Ice conditions have been varied and often slushy this winter but were excellant this afternoon. With the recent thaws and some rain there was a crust that just recently turned from treacherously slippery to easily walkable. This is my favorite time of the year for ice fishing with the longer daylight hours and moderate temps, and having a meal of crappie filets doesn't hurt either.

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