Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paddling in the Midnight Sun in Greenland

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful and awe inspiring are the fiord of Uummannaq Greenland.  I’ve paddled there since 1999 and I try every year to communicate to all of you why I think this is the best kayak trip on the planet.   Too many adjectives just sounds like a sales pitch and this place is too good to cheapen with a sales pitch.     The pictures will do have to do the talking.  Read the photos and call me and we’ll talk about getting you up there.  Full trip details are at

Call Kim McCluskey today before you forget and talk to him about joining the Uummannaq trip this year.  Spaces are limited and Greenland Air reservations are difficult to make if you wait any longer.  218-365-4297.


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