Friday, April 16, 2010

We've still got lots of great Paddles on Sale

Excellent paddles from Bending Branches! These are all 30% off and are "cosmetic blems" -- meaning they have small blemishes somewhere that may be a knot or a chip filled with wood putty and epoxy or a laminant variation. Some of them we literally can't find the blemish. All those things are moot, though as they just add up to savings, big savings for you.

The real point is that these paddles out-perform other paddles just like all top shelf Bending Branches Paddles do. They are excellent canoe paddles and can be your work horses for many years to come. Let's face it the first time you fillet your walleyes on your brand-new wood paddle, it is going to become a blem, too. Save yourself 30% and get the paddle you've always wanted today!

Have a great day, Sun is shining and the Wind is UP! here in Ely, Minnesota. Oh, and GO TWINS!

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