Friday, April 2, 2010

Ice Out Record Early

I was out yesterday looking at the ice on Burntside. It's black and rotten but still covering the whole lake while other small lakes are totally open on April 1. That's at least 3 weeks ahead of normal and as far as anyone can remember. I'm thinking paddling the BW or Quetico the week after Easter. Lake trout season never closes in the spring in Quetico and right after ice out is the best fishing of the year on border lakes. If you want to do it you need a current RABC from the the Canadian Gov't, an Ontario fishing license and a Quetico permit that you fill out yourself in a self service drop box at Prairie Portage. I'll check the Moose L. chain later today to see if it's open yet. Rain is predicted today but so far it's looking bright out there. We need rain badly and it would drive off the remaining ice quickly. Think Rain for Ely! Steve

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