Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time to Paddle in Ely, Minnesota

Come on up to Ely. It is time to paddle a canoe!

We have something special going on here in Ely. The ice is out earlier than ever before and there are NO BUGS. So, what are you all waiting for? Bugs??? Come on up to Ely and get in an early season paddle. It is so beautiful out there. It is quite. The birds are starting to make their presence known and I heard loons for the first time yesterday on Everett Lake, but for the most part it is wonderfully quiet. The catkins are popping out and the buds on the aspen are starting.

On another note...how about them Twins? They played their home opener against the Boston Red Sox yesterday and won. In case you don't know, our boss, Steve Piragis is from Athol, MA and is an avid Boston fan. In fact a few of us are heading down to the Twin Cities on Thursday to take in a game and check out the new baseball park, called Target Field. It has been getting rave reviews. The Twins have not played outside baseball since 1981, so this is pretty sweet.

Hope to see you in Ely soon.

Remember, nobody ever drowned on a Portage!!!


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