Friday, January 24, 2014

#16 to #19 through Iron Lake

#16 to #19 – 26 Miles (3-6 days)

Difficulty: Challenging

Points of Interest: View both river and lake systems, Rebecca Falls, Curtain Falls, Lac La Croix, Iron Lake, pictographs, Warrior Hill

Description: Enter at either #16 or #19.  This is a great route, but you have to be comfortable with longer portages.  Traveling the Stuart River is not easy.  You either start or finish, depending which entry you begin at, with a one and a half mile long portage.  It is a beautiful walk, but it is long.  If you are up for the challenge, this route is highly recommended.  You will travel through Stuart Lake, a great walleye lake.  For seclusion, you can stay at the only campsite on Rush Lake.  There is nothing quite like having the whole lake to yourself.  You will pass through Iron Lake, a great fishing lake.  Here, you can also check out both Curtain and Rebecca Falls.  To the west of Iron Lake, you will pass through Lac La Croix where you can see pictographs and Warrior Hill.  The Boulder Bay area is often a favorite place for people to camp.  The route will take you through Agnes Lake and through the Nina-Moose River, a great place to see wildlife.  Choose this route, if you don’t mind portages, enjoy paddling both rivers and lakes, are interested in fishing, and want to see some incredible waterfalls.

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