Monday, January 20, 2014

#16 to #23 through Friday Bay

#16 to #23 through Friday Bay – 40 Miles (5-8 days)

Difficulty: Moderate to challenging

Points of Interest: Rebecca Falls, Curtain Falls, Crooked Lake, excellent fishing on Crooked Lake and Iron Lake, wildlife, Lac La Croix pictographs, Warrior Hill

Description: Starting at either entry #16 or #23, this route passes through two of the most well-liked entries in our area.  On the #16 side, traveling along the narrow river you get a close-up view of the BWCA flora and fauna.  There is typically a good deal of animal sign along the river.  Moose and deer tracks are common, along with lots of beaver architecture.  This is a great place to see wildlife.  The Boulder Bay area has many great campsites and its location close to the Lac La Croix pictograph and Warrior Hill make it a nice spot to stop on a layover day.  The northern most stretch on this route takes you through some incredible fishing.  Both Iron and Crooked Lakes are renowned for their walleye, smallmouth bass, and pike fishing.  On Iron Lake be sure to check out both Rebecca and Curtain Falls.  South of Friday Bay, you will go through a number of small lakes.  This is a modestly challenging stretch, but usually very quiet and peaceful.  The path between Gun and Mudro Lakes is beautiful and well-traveled.  The fishing is pretty good as well, with Gun, Fourtown, and Horse Lakes being favorite spots.
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