Sunday, November 10, 2013

#27 to #30 Loop: 32-38 Miles (4-7 days)

Difficulty: Moderate

Points of Interest: Pagami Creek Fire, Lake Trout, Fishdance Lake Pictograph, Disappointment Mountain

Description: This route begins on Snowbank Lake.  There are a couple of different ways to get off of Snowbank, but since it is such a large body of water, I often recommend making the shortest possible crossing and heading directly into Parent Lake.  From Parent, you will continue to Disappointment Lake, a great spot for basecamping if you don't feel like doing the whole loop.  Travelling north, you will continue through a number of small lakes with nice views of Disappointment Mountain to the south (really more of a large hill than a mountain).  Jordan Lake is typically a favorite in this area and has some really nice campsites.  Continuing on, you will pass Ima Lake, on to Hatchet Lake, then to Thomas.  Thomas is a great spot for a layover day if you have the time built in.  

Take a day trip north to Fraser Lake.  The narrows between Thomas and Fraser are really neat, and they both have Lake Trout in them.  Moving on, if you want to extend the route head over to Alice, and if you get a chance head a little farther south and check out the pictograph on Fishdance Lake.  Otherwise, head straight south into Kiana Lake.  Continue on to Insula Lake, and stay on one of its many nice campsites--some even have beaches.  The Pagami Creek fire will start to become noticeable about half way down Insula.  It is interesting to see how different the forest looks after a wildfire, and how quickly it regenerates.  Moving out of Insula and into Hudson Lake, continue heading west on the Kawishiwi River (the water flows west).  Keep traveling through Lake Four, Three, Two, and eventually exiting at the Lake One access point.

**Note:  This is also a very nice route in reverse order, starting at Lake One.**

Choose this route if you are looking for a moderately difficult travelling trip, great fishing, a variety of rivers and lakes, and if you would like to explore part of the Pagami Creek fire.

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