Sunday, November 10, 2013

#14 P Loop: 40-45 Miles (5-8 days)

Difficulty: Challenging

Points of Interest: Devil's Cascade, Solitude, Rocky Lake pictographs, Loon Bay beaches

Description: This route begins on the Little Indian Sioux River and takes you past Devil's Cascade, a beautiful cascade flowing north out of Lower Pauness Lake. From here you continue past a few sandy beaches in Loon Bay to the small interior lakes south of Lac La Croix. These lakes are separated by some difficult portages with steep hills, but the solitude gained can be worth the effort--most lakes only have one or two campsites, and you often find yourself with a lake all to yourself. Continuing on, you will pass through a number of gorgeous lakes (Pocket Lake often being a favorite). At Rocky Lake, take your time and look for the set of pictographs on the west side of the lake. You will turn west once you hit Oyster Lake. On the portage from Oyster to Hustler, you will have to traverse a beaver pond (often best to paddle it). Enjoy the scenic beauty as you continue back to your point of entry, and look for the pair of swans that have been hanging out on Lower Pauness for the past couple of seasons.

Choose this route if you are looking for great wildlife habitat; a variety of paddling rivers, creeks, and lakes; a challenge; and solitude.

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