Monday, September 10, 2012

Boundary Waters Fire Update with Fire Restrictions and Closures

West Zone Fire Update
                                                                                      Ely, MN
                                                                          Sept. 9, 2012 2:30 p.m.

Special Notifications:  A fire restriction for the entire BWCAW continues to be in effect.  It allows visitors to have campfires only at night from 7:00 pm to Midnight.  Gas and propane stoves are permitted anytime.

Current Fire Activity:  All fires are contained, controlled, or out. A small amount of rain (less than a half inch over most of the area) plus cooler temperatures calmed fire danger yesterday. Weather for today and the next few days is predicted to be warmer with more wind. If any lightning-started fire remains, it could show itself in the next few days.

Resources Available: Forest Service Fire Engines, approximately 40 personnel. The two out-of-state ground crews, Beartown and Ponderosa, will be released today or tomorrow.  Aircraft in Ely are two Beaver float planes, a Sikorsky Type 2 helicopter, and a Type 3 helicopter.  CL215s and more helicopters are available if needed.

Contained Fires:
Cummings Lake Fire: T64 R14 Section 28, BWCAW; On a peninsula separating the west end of Cummings Lake from the northeast side of Otter Lake.  50 Acres. 100% contained.  Mop up efforts are underway.

Controlled Fires:
Wooden Leg Fire:  T64 R9 Section 13: -91 25.43, 48 01.42, BWCAW: Approximately ¼  acre.  Due to effective mop up efforts this fire has been moved from ‘Contained’ to ‘Controlled’.  The closure of Ensign and surrounding lakes and portages remains in effect at this time. Warmer temperatures, higher winds, and dryer conditions are expected early next week. A closure map can be found on the Superior National Forest website:

Click Map for Larger Image of Closures

Closures:  Ensign, Vera, Trident, Frog, Splash, Spigot, Perdu, Trader, Shallow, Arkose, Explorer, Bedford, Wooden Leg, Grub, Ashigan, Missionary, Boot, Haven, Abinodji, Swing, and Gibson Lakes. The Snowbank Hiking Trail from Boot Lake west to the Trailhead is also closed.  Sucker Lake has a few campsites closed near the Splash portage.

Suppressed fires now ‘Out’
Beartrap Fire, Out on 9/6/12
Cloquet Line Fire, Out on 9/7/12
Hawk’s Nest Fire, Out on 9/7/12
Thunder Lake Fire, Out on 9/7/12
Spring Creek Fire: Out on 9/7/12
Fire Lake Fire:  Out on 9/7/12
Aikio Fire, Out on 9/7/12

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