Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boundary Waters Fire Update CLOSURES Sept. 13, 1:00 p.m.

West Zone Fire Update
                                                                                      Ely, MN
                                                                          Sept. 13, 2012 1:00 p.m. 

Special Notifications:  Various closures are in effect due to the Parley Fire and the Hoist Bay Fire. Please see the details below.  Public Safety crews are posting these areas.  Also, fire restrictions remain in effect in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Campfires are allowed only between 7 p.m. and midnight.

Current Fire Activity: 

Parley Lake Fire, is estimated at 75 acres, in the BWCAW, T66 R12 S18, east of the Beartrap River, north of Sunday Lake, west of Sunday Bay of Crooked Lake, discovered Sept 12. Aircraft are continuing water drops. A ground crew is on scene.
Closures:  Campsites on Sunday and Saturday Bays of Crooked Lake, the Beartrap River, and Zones 1, 2, and 5 of the Sundial Primitive Management Area are closed. Travel throughSunday and Saturday Bays is still being allowed.

Hoist Bay Fire: approximately 2 1/2 acres, T64 R10 S17, between Hoist and Back Bay of Basswood Lake. This fire was detected at 5:40 pm on 9/12/12. Type 2 Helicopters and CL215s dropped water until dark.
Closures:  Four mile portage, Ella Hall, Muskeg, Slumber, and Mud Lakes (out of Fall Lake) plus Back Bay and Hoist Bay of Basswood.  Additional portage closures include Pipestone to Back Bay, Back Bay toward Half Dog Island/Basswood, and from Hoist Bay to Good Lake.  Public Safety crews are notifying visitors in the area.

Fort Frances #53, also known as the Norway Point Fire remains on Canadian soil and is being monitored by Quetico and U.S. personnel.

Fort Frances #59, between Knife and Emerald Lake, approximately 300 acres, is also very active. The fire remains on the Quetico side and is also being closely monitored on both sides.

Peterson Lake Fire on the east side of the forest near Horn Lake: T 62 R4 S14, SW of the NW is one quarter acre. The FS Beaver is dropping water on it.

Resources Available: Forest Service Fire Engines, approximately 30 personnel. Aircraft in Ely include three Forest Service Beaver float planes and one Cessna on floats, two Type 2 helicopters, and a Type 3 helicopter.  CL215s and more helicopters are available if needed.
Controlled Fires:
Cummings Lake Fire: T64 R14 Section 28, BWCAW; declared ‘controlled’ on 9/12/12. The fire line is holding well but the fire will not be out without significant rain or snowfall. This fire will be monitored by both ground and air crews.
Camp Lake Fire is one tenth of an acre. Declared ‘controlled’ on 9/12/12.

Fires Suppressed and Declared Out:
The Batista Fire near Batista Lake, Township 66, Range 13, the northeast corner of Section 9—east of (U.S.) Agnes and west of Iron Lake, was declared out this afternoon. Wooden Leg Fire (T64 R9 Section 13: -91 25.43, 48 01.42) out yesterday: The lake, portage, and trail closures associated with this fire are lifted. Fire restrictions (fires only between 7 p.m. and midnight) are still in effect in this area as well as within the entire BWCAW.
Birch Lake #2 Fire was fought by Forest Service, Morse/Fall Lake, and Babbitt Fire Departments. The fire is declared ‘out’ at one tenth of an acre.
8 other fires were declared out between September 6th and 10th.

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