Monday, September 17, 2012

Boundary Waters Fire Info Monday, Sept. 17, 2012

Superior National Forest Fire Update
Sept. 17, 2012

Special Notifications:  Rain predicted for the area yesterday did not materialize. Fire restrictions remain in effect in the entire Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Campfires are allowed only between 7 p.m. and midnight. Lake and portage closures related to the Hoist Bay Fire and the Parley Fire will be lifted today.

Current Fire Activity: 
Parley Lake Fire, 35 acres, T66 R12 S18, within the BWCAW along the Beartrap River, was discovered Sept 12.  100% containment was reached by early evening on 9/16/12.  Fire crews will continue to reinforce fire lines. Closures are lifted. Campfire restrictions remain in effect.

Hoist Bay Fire 2 1/2 acres within the BWCAW, T64 R10 S17, between Hoist and Back Bay of Basswood Lake was declared out yesterday afternoon. Closures are lifted.  Campfire restrictions remain in effect.

Fort Frances #53, also known as the Norway Point Fire, 52 acres, remains on Canadian soil and is being monitored by Quetico and U.S. personnel.

Fort Frances #59/Emerald Lake Fire, between Knife Lake and Emerald Lake, is estimated at 525 acres, and continues to be active. The fire remains on the Quetico side.  Forest Service crews are monitoring this fire and are prepared to actively support Canadian fire crews as needed. A closure has been put in place on the U.S. side to ensure visitor safety.  The fire did not receive any precipitation last night. Closure:  From the US/Canadian border heading south along the section lines of T65N, R7 W, sections 21 and 28, including all campsites on islands and peninsulas on adjacent lands, the following lakes, portages, and campsites are closed:  from the US/Canadian border on Knife Lake to the east end of Swamp Lake, South Arm of Knife Lake, Little Knife Lake, Amoeber Lake, Topaz Lake, Cherry Lake, Hanson Lake, Clam Lake, Lunar Lake, Lake of the Clouds, Rivalry Lake,  Gijikiki Lake, Ester Lake, Ottertrack Lake, Rabbit Lake, Ashdick Lake, and Swamp Lake.  Portages from South Arm of Knife Lake to Bonnie Lake, South Arm of Knife Lake to Sema Lake, South Arm of Knife Lake to Eddy Lake, Swamp Lake to Saganaga Lake are closed.  Northbound travel from Bonnie Lake, across the Bonnie Lake to South Arm Knife Lake portage, and west bound transit through the South Arm Knife Lake to Knife Lake and out of the closure area is allowed.  Closure signs will be posted.

Resources Available: A total of 180 people are assigned or available on stand-by.  Forest Service and contract fire engines, Forest Service Beaver float planes, one Type 2 and two Type 3 helicopters are assigned to fire operations.  CL215s and more helicopters are available if needed.

Polly Lake Fire, T63N R6E S34 on the East Zone, estimated at one to two tenths of an acre is a new fire detected 9/16/12.  It remains in patrol status.

Mora Lake Fire on the east side of the forest, detected on 9/12, size revised to 3 acres.  The fire is 100% contained.  Aircraft will continue to patrol the fire.

Controlled Fires:
Cummings Lake Fire, located at T64 R14 Section 28, BWCAW, was declared ‘controlled’ on 9/12/12.  The control line is holding and no reported smoke has been observed on this fire since 9/12/12.  The fire will be patrolled until declared out.  Colby Lake Fire, a half-acre fire near Hoyt Lakes, was detected and controlled on 9/13/12 and remains in patrol status.   Little Devil Fire, at T61N R1E S12, a 1/10 -acre fire outside the BWCAW near Grand Marais, was detected 9/15/12, quickly controlled, contained, and remains in patrol status. Peterson Lake Fire on the east side of the forest near Horn Lake: T 62 R4 S14, SW of the NW, detected 9/12.  Size is one quarter acre. This fire is contained and controlled.   Patrols will continue by aircraft. Windy Lake Fire, was a new fire detected 9/15/12 on the east side of Windy Lake, T61N, R6W, S26.  Crews immediately responded and controlled the fire at 1/10 acres.

Season Summary:
In addition to the active fires listed above, crews have put out 10 fires since the beginning of September. Of a total of 54 fires during 2012, 32 were human caused and 22 were caused by lightning. The total acreage burned by wildfire as of 9/15/12 is 315.

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