Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lonnie Dupre Mount McKinley Expedition Day 5: Movin on up

Today is Lonnie’s fifth day on the mountain. Today he went from 7,800ft to 9,600ft, a huge pull. He’s making fantastic progress and feels good.
The picture above is from earlier today. He wanted to show everyone his Christmas tree in his snow cave. He made the Santa Clause ornament from his chocolate wrapper and his Christmas tree star from the foil.
Tomorrow is forecasted to snow with variable winds up on Denali. Depending on visibility Lonnie will try to make it to 11,200ft.
Yann Tiersen and Vivaldi accompanied Lonnie on his long trek today up to 9,600ft. He’s currently having chili mac and beef for dinner.
We’ll keep you posted on Lonnie’s progress tomorrow when he checks in. Upward!
Update from: www.lonniedupre.com

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