Monday, December 26, 2011

Lonnie Dupre Mount McKinley Expedition: Day 1

Lonnie called in yesterday from base camp and planned to start moving up the Kahiltna Glacier sometime around 9:30am this morning. He’s hoping to make it up about half way before dark. It will be slow going due to heavy snow fall which inhibits ones sense to see the glaciers crevasses. Lonnie will be probing one step at a time as he moves upward.
Meanwhile here is some coverage of Lonnie departing:
KTUU: Lonnie Dupre Begins January Denali Summit Effort
“January on Mt. McKinley is something a little like the dark side of the moon, with winds of 100 mph, temperatures that plunge to -50 degrees Fahrenheit and a scarce six hours of daylight. (Eric Sowl/KTUU-DT)”
KTVA: Man Attempts First January Solo Climb of McKinley
“It’s a feat that’s never been done before – a solo summit on Mount McKinley in January. A Minnesota man is taking on the challenge.”
Duluth News Tribune: Grand Marais adventurer begins winter ascent of Mount McKinley
“After waiting out some weather, Dupre flew 60 miles from Talkeetna, Alaska, to an elevation of 7,200 feet at a base camp on North America’s highest mountain. It’s where he’ll begin his second bid to become the first solo climber to reach the summit of McKinley in January. More than a foot of snow fell on the area Tuesday and Wednesday, preventing an earlier arrival on the mountain.”
Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation Blog
“Only nine expeditions totaling 16 people have ever reached the summit of Denali in winter. Six deaths resulted from those climbs. Only one team (comprised of three Russian climbers) has ever made the summit in January…the dead of winter. Of those nine original expeditions, four were solo, but none of those individuals have been in January, the darkest and coldest time.”
As the day progresses we’re expecting to receive update on Lonnie’s exact location and hopefully an audio update. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as soon as information becomes available.
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