Friday, June 24, 2011

Survival Anyone?

I like knives and I like survival kits.  I grew up hiking and tromping through the woods all around my home.  I always took a few things with me in case I needed them.  I never got lost, because I had a good sense of direction, even when every valley and every hill and every tree began to look just like the last.  It is not always that way, though.

Even the most savvy woodsman or woodswoman can find themselves in trouble in the woods.  If you're on a day hike somewhere that is unfamiliar or if you leave your group on a canoe trip to explore it is a great idea to have a whistle with you.  Extra water and an energy bar are two things that nobody should venture off alone without.  What about a way to make fire or headlamp in case you get in a good nap and wake up to stars overhead?

Rope?  Something to assist in the making of a shelter?  Nuff said.  As my boss says, "I'm not asking."  With a smile of course!  Here at Piragis we have some cool necessities.  (You've got to try the ultimate stormproof matches).  We know that some of you like to tinker and to make your own kits.  We also know that some of you like knives as well, so...

I found a nice little video on YouTube about how to turn a Neck Knife (knife worn in a sheath around your neck as a necklace) into a PSK or Personal Survival Kit.  Lots of these projects require stuff you find around the house and pieces of gear you might already have.  When you're finished personalizing yours, you'll have a functional backup that you won't want to leave home or camp without.

Hey, safety first, right.  If you're into Outdoor Survival, you'll want to check out the excellent selection of books we have online as well.  Happy Friday Canoe Campers!


Here's the list of what is in the PSK from the video:

The rubber is bicycle inner tube cut to length. This rubber also serves as emergency tinder if need be.

SHELTER - Seven strand Paracord & handle wrap, Needle and waxed line for clothing repair. This kit is light on shelter resources, but it is a small kit.

FIRE - BSA Hotspark, Cotton treated with Vaseline, 2 birthday candles, inner tube rubber.

WATER - Two 10 oz milk bags, 20 mg Potassium Permanganate. This would only allow one to treat 20 oz of water at a time and it takes a half hour to treat water with KMnO4. At a water source that would translate into 40 oz an hour.

SIGNALS - Day/Night Mirror, LED Light, Fire/Smoke, Whistle

NAVIGATION - 20 mm Button Compass

FOOD - #4 waxed line for snares, traps, or fishing.

You can make a similar kit around many different neck knives and their sheaths.

If you find a favorite neck knife or do this project, let us know.

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