Monday, June 20, 2011

Piragis Canoe BOAT TAPE Saves Trip

We love hearing from you guys.  Notes and pictures from your trips rock!  Ever wonder why we recommend you have boat tape along on your trip?  Oh and by the way, it isn't just regular old run of the mill duct tape or something recommended by a primate.  It's our special secret BOAT TAPE.

This from an outfitting client:

Hi Drew and Bert,

Just wanted to send you a shot of two happy campers.  Love the kevlar canoes, and the rest of the gear was also top notch, as usual.  Every year it seems like it gets easier, and at our age, how many things can we say that about?  The advice about campsites was also much appreciated.   The spring trip was new for us, but we decided we'll be doing our usual fall trip as well.  Be calling you soon to arrange that.  Have a great summer!

Steve and Cindy Broste
Champlin, MN

PS:  Also wanted to show you that the boat tape came in handy when we snapped a fishing rod in half.  A green dogwood stick shoved into both broken ends, then two grooved wooden splints to bridge the break, all secured with gobs of boat tape did the trick.  Wanted to have a picture of it with a big laker it had caught, but that was not to be.

Hey, our advice is pack it along next time and you can repair anything!  It might not be pretty when you're done, but it'll work.  For $6.99 a thirty foot roll, you can't purchase a cheaper more effective insurance policy.

Thanks for reading.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE STUFF THAT WORKS from Your Friends in the Great Northwoods, Piragis Northwoods Company.

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