Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Special Used Gear Item

Hey Fellow Canoe Campers,

As many of you know, we do our best to sell as much of our used gear after each season. That's why we are always able to give you the best and newest gear year after year. But, sometimes we have something special that has fallen through the cracks. Today is your lucky day to find out what it is.

The outfitting department has one 15x15 ultralight 1.1 oz tarp left. It's in great condition except for a small hole. I have attached a picture with the hole next to a sticky note. So, it should be a very easy fix with a Hippo Patch or a piece of boat tape....both are available from us. The little hole is near the center of the tarp.

Now, the deal of the day!! It is a $395 tarp. You can own it for only $260 plus shipping (plus tax if you are in MN)!!! It's a fantastic deal. Remember, there is only one left so call soon. Ask for Drew or Bert at 800-223-6565 and one of us can take your order. Again, it's in great condition overall. You will not be disappointed at all. Just a quick fix is needed and it is ready to go.

Keep on checking back to the Piragis Blog as we may continue to put some more outfitting items on here. You don't want to miss out!!

The paddling season is getting closer!!!

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