Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Camping

The world of ice in the Ely area took a turn for the best last week with the mid week melt down. The good news is we missed the big snow that Minneapolis got on Sunday but we did get strong wind and cold. The slush is gone! Yeah! It all froze up after the snow melted on top and it lost it's insulation.

Good news for winter campers, ice fisher persons and winter hikers. You don't need snow shoes on the lakes and skiing is a bit treacherous due to bare ice patches and bumpy conditions but with some Yak Tracks on your boots you can hike the lakes. Pulling a sled will be fun now. The portages will still be deep snow with a crust on top and will require snow shoes for sure unless they trail was packed before the melt down. Come on up before we get another big snow. The winter going is great right now.


By way of an ad; we rent canvas tents with woodstoves, pulk sleds, winter sleeping bags and snowshoes. Reserve with a phone call.

Steve P. 1-800-223-6565

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