Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favorite Lures

It's cold up in Ely today. I'll bet that not many people are thinking about fishing right now, so let's get something started to keep our minds on that fine subject.

If you could just bring three lures on your canoe trip in the BWCA or Quetico, which ones would they be? We all probably bring way too many so let's see how you do when you have to cut your quantity down to your top three.

My Uncle Kerth from Santa Fe that I always trip with (in the photo and the creator of Atomic Hashbrowns!!), would bring these three: Mepps, Wally Diver, and a Tiny Torpedo. Not bad choices at all and I know from experience that he knows how to use them.

How about you? Hey, we are getting frozen up here, but fishermen and women still love to talk about the big one they caught or the incredible walleye meal from their summer canoe adventure. Let's see what your favorite lures are.

Open up that tackle box..............

1 comment: said...

Would hate to have to narrow it down to three, but:
Rapala, firetiger
Little Cleo spoon: red and white
Senko worms: color must remain a secret due to agreement with an outfitting compadre

Tough to pick only three, and we haven't even talked about the fly rod yet.