Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brand New Chota Breathable Water Socks are the perfect companion to Quetico Trekker Portage Shoes. Turn your Trekkers into a Knee High Boot!

What's good in the summer even on hot days and is the perfect complement to our world famous Quetico Trekker Portage Shoe?

Chota's New Caney Fork Breathable Knee High Wading Sock!

It is the perfect companion for our Chota Quetico Trekker and the Chota Caney Fork boot. It turns portage and wading boots into a whole different animal! 100% Waterproof, it keeps you warm and dry up to the knee. Skin-out neoprene gasket coupled with a nylon cinch strap keeps the top in place just below the knee and retards flooding. Waterproof neoprene sock foot for warmth plus a wader style "gravel guard" that keeps sand and grit out of your boots.


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