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An Invititation from Steve Piragis

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Hi, Steve Piragis here.

I'm writing from my desk as some of the last paddlers of the season head out into the beauty of the Boundary Waters for one last canoe camping adventure. The weather here is fantastic, there are absolutely no bugs, the fishing is hot and most of all, it is just a great time of the year to sit around a campfire after a refreshing day of paddling.

I want to go again right now. I've been taking day trips in the new Wenonah Canak. I know for a fact that I will want to go paddling in February, when it is 40 below zero here and we're skiing on top of the lakes. I will long for that campfire smoke, the whispering of the water against the rocky shoreline. I will be itching to travel in a small craft on wilderness waters.

Instead of dreaming about it, some of us are going to do something about it. My new friends in Tanzania have a motto that I'd like to share. It is worth remembering and putting into practice. "Memories are made of the things you do, not the things you wish you had done" I don't know about you, but this is the last winter I want to just wish that I was paddling. This winter, I want to get out there and paddle.

Africa holds a special place in my heart. There is something that I cannot quite put my finger on that happens when light of the sun comes crawling up the ancient rocks in the country where life began. It is illuminating in deeper ways than I've found words for. It lights you up from the inside out. Life is teeming everywhere, and yet all life, hangs on the precarious balance of water. The same water that is so near and dear to us for recreation. Laying my head down on at night on the wide expanse of the African plains, listening for the growl of Lions was eye opening to say the least. No other place on Earth that I've travelled has filled my heart and head with such appreciation of nature or love of life.

I've always wanted to blend this overwhelming sense of adventure and intrigue with paddling. As you know, this is easier said than done. Finding the perfect mix is not an easy task. Enter, Tanzania.

Most safaris in Africa are about 7-10 days and you spend all of your time in vehicles viewing animals and driving from location to location. While seeing the animals is amazing and the countryside is beautiful after a while you have the desire to get out of the vehicle and be active.

Therefore it is not uncommon, after a safari, because of the distance traveled, to extend your time in Tanzania doing something else whether it is tracking chimps, hot air ballooning, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or some other activity. One activity that has never been offered is to kayak through lakes, rivers and calm ocean waters of Tanzania.

Having been clients themselves on safaris as well as great kayaking trips our friends in Tanzania know the concerns and expectations of those who embark on what for many is a once in a lifetime trip. Clients want to know and see that all logistics have been taken care of, that the equipment is top of the line and in first class condition, that the people are experienced and know how to make a trip fun while at the same time safe and secure.

Our guides, Steve and Teena have been in Tanzania for over 12 years and in that time have managed lodges and camps and organized top of the line custom safari trips. As clients, you will stay in beautiful lodges or luxurious camps; have the best vehicles and most qualified and personable English speaking guides.

Together, we have put together a great kayak trip. Our itinerary takes us to the most beautiful places to paddle in Tanzania. We use first class gear from the US and Australia. All of our boats, which are fiberglass, have been handmade by Steve and have been designed to provide comfort and stability. We carry radios, satellite phones, tow ropes and all other necessary gear for your comfort and safety.

Our trips are designed for all levels of kayak experience including those who have never paddled before. They will provide a sense of fun and adventure.

Check out the Trip Itinerary, Guide Bios and Photo Gallery at:

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the trip or to reserve your spot today! Thank you for taking the time to read my adventurous note, and if you know of someone who may be interested in making memories in Africa, please forward it to them.

Steve Piragis, Piragis Northwoods Company.
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