Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ice Out Conditions From Forest Service as of Tuesday Night, May 14

 Tuesday PM, May 14, 2013 

A strong crosswind grounded the fire patrol this afternoon. New information from observers: 
• Disappointment is open. 
• Parent Lake (near Snowbank) is iced. Snowbank is still iced in. 
• Rice and August Lake are open. 
• Vermilion Lake was iced in yesterday. 
• Big Lake was reported open yesterday, but southerly winds pushed the ice pack to the northern half today. 
• The North Arm of Burntside is still frozen. The East Arm is full of dark ice. 

This information is from Monday’s flight: 
• Moose Lake: southwestern third is open; northeastern two thirds frozen but dark ice. 
• S. Kawishiwi R. and Gabbro Lake are mostly open. 
• Turtle is open. 
• There is ice in the middle of Bald Eagle. 
• Clearwater and Pietro are frozen (thin ice) but Gull is open. 
• Quadga and Bog are open. 
• Isabella and Perent still have a lot of ice in the middle. 
• Polly and Phoebe are open. 
• Alton and Sawbill are still frozen. 
• Generally the smaller lakes in the south east are open or mostly open. Larger lakes are still frozen. 
• Alice is frozen. 
• Insula south of The Rock is open, the northern portion is frozen. 
• Lake 3 is mostly open. 
• Knife Lake including the South Arm is mostly ice. 
• Saganaga is still frozen. 

FS Pilot report—this information is from a flight late Sunday afternoon. 
• Jackfish- 40% open 
• Open: Pipestone, Stuart, Agnes, Nina Moose, Ramshead, Upper and Lower Pauness 
• Frozen: Oyster 
• Bald Eagle- 60% open 
• Gabbro- 75% open 
• Open: Gull, Turtle, Lakes 1 and 2 
• Clearwater- frozen, but open around the edges. 

Today’s safety message: Bears are awake and hungry. Keep a clean camp. 
Winds are drying fine fuels quickly. Be careful with fire 

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