Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ice out Conditions THE COLD HARD FACTS May 8th 2013

Yikes, the cold hard facts...
                 Superior National Forest Ice Update
                                                                        May 8, 2013
Current Ice Conditions:
From FS pilots: They flew a west patrol yesterday from Jackfish west and south to Birch and Vermilion Lakes.
·         Everything was still frozen. Many lakes were still frozen right to the shoreline.

·         Fall Lake had the most open water around the edges but was still 80% ice covered.

·         Birch, Vermilion, Burntside, western Basswood including Pipestone and Jackfish Bays, S. Farm, and White Iron were frozen.

·         There was a little open water near the bridge on the northern end of White Iron and a little open water on the southeast end.

Reports from others:
·         Rivers are running hard but the lakes are not open.

·         Some people are venturing out over the ice (very dangerous!) only to find themselves confronting more ice.

·         A few smaller lakes are very black and may open with rain or wind.

·         Sawbill Lake had 23 inches of ice on it yesterday.


Joshua said...

Any more ice out updates since the wind came through yesterday?

Tim Stouffer said...

We are waiting for reports to come back. Shagawa Lake and White Iron Lakes are not out yet. They are close. Ice is rotting quickly and moving around quite a bit.