Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Capital Protesters Demand Increase in License Fees

Up on "The Hill" here in St Paul today fishers, hunters and nature advocates demanded to pay more for their licenses.  TV fisherman, Al Linder spoke about the Minnesota tradition of fishing and how amazing the DNR has been so far in keeping our lakes stocked in the face of ever decreasing budgets.   He warned that without a new source of funds fish and fishermen will suffer soon.  Audubon members toted signs saying "birds eat fish too".  Funding of the Department of Natural Resources strikes a chord with everyone that loves the outdoors and they want to pay more.  How about that in an era when we thought everyone wanted to pay less fees? 

This may be controversial up on the hill but it's not unilateral.  Republican leaders from the majority in the House and Senate spoke in favor of the higher fees encouraging the crowd.  As the crowd dispersed to visit their representatives the issue went back to the Senate and with a few small modifications passed handily and now moves on to the House and conference committee.   Call your House Rep today if you live in Minnesota and ask them to raise our license fees and keep Minnesota a major destination for birds and people who love to fish.

Reported by Steve Piragis on location.

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blackdawg9 said...

this is just insane, if you want to bring more income in for the state. figure out a way to the force photographers to pay their fare share, instead of passing the buck off to someone else to pay for. wait that's the new american way, my bad