Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boundary Waters Updated Closure List

As of September 27, 2011

All areas of the Superior National Forest are open to public use except for the following lands, roads and trails:
1. It is prohibited to be upon BWCAW campsites and areas which are posted closed and included in
the closure area indicated by the Pagami Creek Fire Closure Map dated 9-26-2011.  
2. This closure includes the following campsites/areas/entry points of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Entry points closed to public use:
#27 and #28 Snowbank, including “H” Snowbank Day Use Motor
NOTE:  Travel IS allowed on the portion of Snowbank Lake which is OUTSIDE the
BWCAW line.
# 29 North Kawishiwi River, closure begins at the portage into North Kawishiwi River. 
NOTE: Ojibway and Triangle Lakes are OUTSIDE the BWCAW and are open.
#30 Lake One
#34 Island River
#35 Isabella Lake
#36 Hog Creek
#37 Kawishiwi Lake
#67 Bog Lake
#75 Little Isabella River
#84 Snake River
Hiking Trail Entry Points
#56 Kekekabic East
#74 Kekekabic West /Snowbank
#86 Pow Wow Hiking Trail

The following entry points are open with travel restrictions:
• Entry Point 25 Moose Lake - Travel is NOT allowed south into Boot, Ashigan, Bedford, Minerva, Strup.
o Travel IS allowed in Splash, Ensign, Birch, Carp, Knife, Trident, Frog, Vera, Neglige, Trader,
Bonnie, Pickle, Spoon, Spider, Missionary, Skoota, and Kekekabic
NOTE: Check the map for particular lakes as the line is difficult to describe
• Entry Point 31 - Travel is NOT allowed on the North Kawishiwi River. 
o Travel IS allowed only for South Farm Lake, both day use and overnight.  
NOTE:  Farm Lake is outside the BWCAW and is open.
• Entry Point 32 South Kawishiwi River and 33 Little Gabbro – NO travel into Bald Eagle and beyond. 
o Travel IS allowed:
 north to the 15 rod portage into the North Kawishiwi River, just to the southeast of where the
portage from Triangle Lake comes into the river
 north to the portages into Eskwagama and Clear Lake (these lakes are closed).
• Entry Point 38 Sawbill - No travel allowed west through Alton Lake.
• Entry Point 71 From Canada  - All permits requesting entry from Canada must be coordinated with the Supervisor’s Office in Duluth.

3.  The following area and roads outside of the BWCAW are included in this closure
• FR381 north from the intersection with FR 377 (Tomahawk Road) and all areas north and east of FR 381.
• FR373 (Northwest Road) south from the FR 377 (Tomahawk Road) to the intersection of FR369 and all
areas north and east of this route.
• FR369 east from the intersection of FR369 and FR373 to the intersection of FR369 and CR7, including
all areas north of this route.
• All areas to the west of CR7 between the intersections with FR369 and FR354 (CR7 open for travel).
• FR354 north from the intersection with CR7, and all areas west of FR354.

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