Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minnesota DNR Reports numbers of Fishing Licenses purchased is down.

C'mon folks, get your license and get out there and wet a line.  We're coming up on some of the best early, cold water fishing of the year for walleye and big northern pike.  As our days get warmer and warmer and we get closer to the first part of June, our not so well kept secret, the smallmouth bass comes into its own.  These fish fight pound for pound like no other freshwater fish around.  They are fabulous fun to catch on ultra-light rigs and flyfishing rods.  They are more plentiful now than ever and great fun for kids to get on the line as well.

Basically what I'm sayin is the bite is on!  So go ahead, read the article, but let's all do our part to make the story obsolete.

DNR: Minnesota fishing license sales down 30 percent from last year's opener

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