Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things that Work: Deerfly Patches

Things that work.  From Your Friends in the Great Northwoods at Piragis.  That's our title for this segment. Stuff that really works! From time to time, we'll share with you pieces of our gear that our customers and outfitting clients really, really like.  Tools that perform at a high level and make our lives easier in camp and in the woods.

Yesterday I got an email from a fellow who swears by our Deerfly Patches.  Why?  Because they work.  His email contained one short line of text and a picture that's worth so much more.

You decide.  Is this good stuff something that you could use on a trip or even at home as you take a walk in the woods...

Do you have stuff from us that works really, really well!  I'm sure you do.  We take pride in field testing and choosing our core products with care.  It's nice to hear from you folks though and share in your success stories.  Write us a note about your favorite gear experiences.  Just visit our website and email our webmaster!

Stop those annoying deerflies dead in their tracks.

Deerflies are found from May to September in most marshy and wooded areas, and up here in the Boundary Waters they like to hide out in the shade and then swarm around your head before they pounce and bite. We don’t like them. These patches stick to the top of a hat and trap the nasty bugs in their tracks. One patch lasts all day. Nontoxic, chemical-free and odorless. Not recommended for long hair that might blow around and get stuck in the special adhesive. Only apply to top of hat, as other spots onclothing do not work. Deerflies like to land on the highest parts of you first. Pack of 12 flesh-colored patches. Deerfly Patches N3806 $6.99,4301.html

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