Thursday, April 19, 2018

Poem: Minnow Bay by Tim Stouffer

Minnow Bay

Ahead, light pours out over water so clear
that every rock is bathed in sunlight;
afternoon’s gift of warmth 
to native Minnesota minnows:
Bluntnose, Creek Chub, Fathead, Golden Shiner
and Northern Redbelly Dace.
Minnows, not just smallish fish.

Like abandoned  jewels encrusting the bottom,
their scales capturing shadows bouncing
from agate, quartz and granite gravel.

Pushing off the canoe with my foot in the cold water,
I don’t drag, don’t bang, don’t make a sound,
yet they scatter in schools from the over-large shadow
of the craft, giant and banana-like above,
my second summer skin,
gliding out of the bay.

How can these waters still be so clear?
How can silence still be the musical score?
How have you waited so long?

Underneath, untouched by travelers,
another world reflected.

Another chance at

©Timothy James Stouffer 04182018
All Rights Reserved Ely, Minnesota

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