Thursday, November 20, 2014

Introducing The Boundary Waters Belt Knife

We are always searching for the next piece of great gear.  Late this Autumn, I met a fellow canoeing and outdoor enthusiast whose full time job now consists of making knives.  Karl is from Minnesota and man oh man, does he have skills!  Right away, we hit it off and after looking at his work in person, I knew that we had to collaborate on a new knife that would stand up to anything the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness could dish out.

The result is a workhorse.  THE BOUNDARY WATERS BELT KNIFE.  It is a piece of art.  It is a (very) sharp blade -- tough enough to conquer all your cutting needs.  It can slice and dice a tomato and carve up your first nights steak even after making firewood kindling, whittling up a few tent stakes and setting up camp for you all on its own :)

It is hand forged from simple carbon steel and designed with a full tang. The craftsmanship that goes into it is top notch.  On the forge, the steel has been formed to shape a natural finger guard below the blade.  This is a knife that just feels right in your hand and fits on your belt like no other.  In addition, each leather sheath is crafted by hand to fit your knife and only your knife.

I convinced Karl to take time out of his busy schedule and make us four.  That's right, we've only got four of these beauties.  Two with brown curly maple handles and two with black curly maple handles.  We are offering them to you here first.  First come first serve.  I'm not sure if we'll be able to get anymore before Christmas, I suspect not.  He's making knives daily and if he gets time off, he makes something else, like the canoe below.

You can get more information on the pages of our online catalog.

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Take care, Tim Stouffer, Catalog Director

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