Thursday, January 31, 2013

BLOG 37. Best Socks in the World!

Cliff Jacobson

The Crescent Sock Company has been knitting fine socks in the sleepy little town of Niota, TN since 1902.  They are the oldest operating hosiery mill in the United States and one of the biggest sock suppliers to national chain stores.  Most people have probably worn a pair of Crescent socks at one time or other.

When Crescent discovered the growing market for high quality wool socks, they decided to get into the act. With over 100 years of sock-making experience and a mill right here in the United States, they believed that they could design and manufacture the best wool socks in the world, and sell them at a price that defied the competition.  The new socks (called FITS) were designed from scratch—engineers thinking well outside the box. 

When you first see a pair of FITS socks you may question if they’ll fit a human foot at all. They appear too small; the heel cup hangs curiously down and the ankles and center foot appear too narrow to conform to human feet.  But these socks fit “perfectly”—not too loose or too tight; they follow every curve of your foot, never compressing or wallowing in space.  They stay firmly in place no matter how you walk or run.  Unlike conventional socks, the toe pocket is turned horizontally to match your toes; there are no visible seams anywhere. The Achilles area—a serious wear point on most socks—is aggressively reinforced. 
FITS "Medium Hiker"

The company shtick reads: “They are constructed from two-ply, compact-spun, ultra-fine Merino Wool, providing the ultimate blend of softness and durability. Our F3 Technology delivers a unique form fit thanks to a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam, and contoured leg — which keep FITS socks firmly in place. This means no more bunching, hot spots, or friction, regardless of the task at hand.”  

There are a number of different (and colorful) FITS models, each designed to fulfill a special purpose (hiking, running, casual wear etc.).  My favorites are the light and medium hiker crew socks which work for casual wear and serious hiking. I am so addicted to these socks that, for nearly a year, they have been the only socks I’ve worn.  I generally wear a pair for three or four days before I wash them. After many months, there is no visible wear; they look and feel like new; they haven’t stretched out and they continue to fit perfectly.

I just love these socks!

Cliff Jacobson 

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Ryan Weber (aka The Paddle Junkie) said...

I agree. These are some of the best socks around. Have a pair on right now as a matter of fact!