Saturday, November 3, 2012

BLOG 28. New From Frost River

Cliff Jacobson
Cliff: Along the Frost River. Bell Yellowstone Solo canoe

Cliff: Frost River

Those who have read my book, “Boundary Waters Canoe Camping’ know that my favorite route in the Boundary Waters is the Frost River.  The river has a smattering of everything—large and small lakes, beautiful falls, winding beaver streams and high beaver dams, tough, poorly-maintained portages, canoeable rapids and adventurous options.  If you want solitude and challenge, the Frost is the route to do.  Be aware though, that you must canoe the river early in the year, mid-June at the latest.  After that, the you’ll deal with miles of shallows and matted nets of lily pads.  You’ll best enjoy the trip if you pack light and paddle a canoe (solo or tandem) that turns easily.  Equip your canoe with 20 foot lines at each end so you can line around little rapids that are too tight and shallow to paddle.
Darrell Foss: Frost River.  Bell Wildfire canoe

Beaver dams are common along the Frost River
Now, there’s new product from Frost River that combines a cribbage board with the magic of canoeing the Frost  River. The 7” x 13” cribbage board is laser-engraved with the Frost River route—from Frost Lake to Afton Lake.  The workmanship is first class; the board is beautiful and the laser-engraved map is pretty accurate—I think one could actually canoe from Frost to Afton Lake using it alone. The board comes with four stained wooden pegs (contained in a sealed compartment in back) and a toothed slot for hanging.  You’ll love how it looks on your wall when you’re not playing cribbage.  
The Frost River cribbage board is as beautiful as it is practical
This is the prettiest cribbage board I’ve ever seen. When my wife Susie unwrapped it, her first words were “Wow, it’s beautiful!”  Indeed it is.   Just looking at it will make you smile.

Cliff Jacobson

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