Friday, July 6, 2012

Sometimes Simple Ideas are the Best: New Canoe Anchor Bag

What do you do when you want to stay in one spot and fish?  Perhaps your paddling partner "treads water" for you :)  You could throw down a float buoy and keep trolling by.  Where's an anchor when you need it?  Where's rope when you need it?  Remember Sam in the Lord of the Rings knows he'll need rope because that was the one thing he forgot to bring... sure enough.  He needed it and was gifted rope by the Elvish Queen.  Magic rope.  We're not going that far, but hear me out.

Some people just take rope and tie four ways around a shoreline rock.  Often the rock slips out.  Some folks prefer one of our anchors that packs down small or flat and virtually disappears into your pack.  In our humble beginnings we sold a simple mesh bag with enough line to let you anchor your canoe if you found a honey hole.  You filled the mesh with rocks of various sizes.  It was a good idea, and eventually we upgraded to the flat style below that is basically a coated plastic tough pocket that lasts longer.

The other day a local guy came in to see us with an idea that he had turned into a product that he thought we could use.  He was right.

Right about now you might be asking yourself, "why so many options?"  It is just an anchor bag.  Well, we asked ourselves that question and we've asked it many times before about other products that are similar.  We simply want to continue the quest to bring you the best, the lightest, the BOMB!

  1. Our customers are diverse.  You don't all like exactly the same things.
  2. We like to support local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Some people have requested a simple canoe anchor bag like this.  It does have the ability to fill with more rocks than other bags in case the wind is blowing roughly and you want to stay on your fish.
  4. It is field tested to release from the bottom easily and not snag.  Don't fill more than necessary (or with more rocks than you can pull up :)
  5. IT IS NEW and old-school at the same time.
With twenty-five feet of durable, high-viz rope, the bag itself is made from something that might look familiar (think final four).  It will go anywhere in your pack.  You just supply the rocks.  If you really want to get someone with a practical joke you could "help" them pack for their trip and make sure you pack their "favorite anchor rocks" (in their personal pack).  Otherwise, you won't notice it is along until you need it!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  If you're looking for a nice gift for someone going on a fishing trip or who likes to take their canoe fishing at home, you can make them happy for less than an Andrew Jackson with our Boundary Waters Anchor System from Piragis Northwoods Company.

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Clifford Jacobson said...

Yes, simple things ARE best. In the first edition of my book, "Camping Secrets" (pub. 1987) I suggested the use of a "basketball net" as an anchor bag. Hey, this product looks just like it. See, times haven't changed!