Monday, January 2, 2012

Lonnie Dupre Mount McKinley Expedition Day 11: Prep for High Camp

Lonnie woke up to -60F windchill weather this morning outside of his snow cave at 14,200ft. On the bright side the sun was out without a cloud in the sky.
He spent today organizing gear, food and fuel for high camp. Lonnie will spend tomorrow taxiing three quarters of his gear up the headwall to 16,000ft and then return to 14,200ft to spend the night. After that he will take the remainder of his gear and move up to high camp at 17,200ft. This will also allow him to acclimatize properly in prevention of pulmonary edema.
Lonnie is now in his snow cave enjoying Mountain House’ Tuscan Chicken Fettucini and listening to A Prairie Home Companion.
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