Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boundary Waters Closure Update October 4, 2011

Pagami Creek Fire
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For Immediate Release

Pagami Creek Fire Information Contact: 218-365-3177

Weather and Increased Fire Activity Prompts Additional Closures for Pagami Creek Fire

Ely, MN…Near record high temperatures and dry, windy conditions are forecasted for the Pagami Creek Fire area through the end of the week. Fire activity has the potential to increase as a result of this forecast. The Superior National Forest has expanded closures for areas adjacent to the Pagami Creek Fire as a precautionary measure to provide for public safety. 

The following area/road closures are effective as of 12:00 PM (Noon) Tuesday, October 04, 2011:

·         Travel Zones 332, 361 and 351 from Sawbill Lake to the Lady Chain (Sawbill Lake is open)
·         Kekekabic Trail east of Snowbank Lake
·         FR381 north from the intersection of FR377 (Tomahawk Road) to the Little Isabella River entry point and the area east of FR381 to FR377 (FR377 remains open)
·         FR 381E (Snake River entry point) to the BWCAW boundary from the intersection of FR381 and the area east of FR381E to FR381.
·         FR377 (Tomahawk Road) east from the intersection of FR377/FR373.
·         All areas and roads north of FR369 and between FR373 and CR7 to the BWCAW wilderness. (FR373, FR369 and CR7 remain open for through travel).
·         FR921 (Silver Island Lake Access) north from FR369. Silver Island Lake is closed.
·         FR354 north from the intersection of CR7/FR354 to the BWCAW boundary (Kawishiwi Lake entry point). Kawishiwi Lake is closed.

The above closures are in addition to existing closures. The road closures still in effect form a continual route from west to east. The closure includes the following roads and areas: FR 377D from the intersection of FR 377 (Tomahawk Rd) to the BWCAW boundary (Bog Lake Access); FR 377 (Tomahawk Rd) from the intersection of FR 377D east to FR 379; FR 379 south to the intersection of FR 369; the area north of FR 369 between the intersection of FR 379 and FR 356 (FR 369 is OPEN); FR 356 northeast from the intersection of FR 369 to FR 1244 (Coffee Lake Access); FR 1244 south to the intersection of Lake County Road 7 (CR 7); All areas west of CR 7 from the intersection of FR 1244 to FR 354 (CR 7 is OPEN); FR 354 north to the BWCAW boundary (Kawishiwi Lake Access).

To see the updated closure, please visit www.fs.usda.gov/goto/superior/home or www.inciweb.org/incident/2534.

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